100 Days (1991) Full Hindi Movie | Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit, Laxmikant Berde, Moon Moon Sen

Devi is gifted with extra sensing powers where in she is able to gets visions of things even before it could happen.Once Devi gets a vision that her sister Rama has been killed few days later Rama gets killed and no one is aware about her death as her body has been buried inside the wall of a huge mansion closed for years.Five years later Devi meets Kumar a rich businessman they both fall in love an get married soon which doesn't go well with her best friend Sunil who loves her.Kumar lawyer at his wedding presents him the key and papers of their old mansion which had a court case.Devi along with Balam goes to the mansion to arrange the things its the same mansion where Rama's body was buried.Devi starts to see things in reality in the mansion of which she had visions while Balam is away Devi finds a suspicious wall upon breaking it a skeleton pops out of it.Devi is sure it belongs to Rama due to a necklace in the neck of skeleton while police continue their investigation to confirm weather the skeleton belongs to Rama,Devi now gets different visions where she also sees a woman getting killed.Devi takes the help of Sunil to solve the mystery behind her visions which will also lead her to Rama's murder.
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