Zinda Dili (Arasu) 2017 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie

Shivaraj Arasu is residing abroad. He is extremely good person and opulence is very common thing for him. He is asked to come to India by his manager Ramanna to take up the progress of various companies he heads. In India he is not able to adjust to the mediocre life led by people. He accidentally sees Shruthi in a bus stop and proposes for marriage saying 'ILY'. Shruthi is not ready to accept this offer. Shivaraj Urs goes behind her and he finds that she is the daughter of his manager Ramanna. In her house Shruthi gives a caustic remark on the attitude of Shivaraj group of companies and ask him to earn Rs. 5000 in a month without using his influence. This striking remark startles Shivaraj Urs and he takes up the challenge.

Movie:- Zinda Dili (Arasu)
Starcast:- Puneet Rajkumar, Ramya, Meera Jasmine
Directed by:- Mahesh Babu
Music by:- Joshua Sridhar

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