Islamic Call To Prayer Azan

Azan is the call for muslim. Azan call all people come to pray and also call for their good. Everyday muslim go for pray in 5 times and azan also happened for 5 times in a day. From every mosque from the whole world every time of prayer ask o people come to prayer, come to make your good, come to pray to your creator ALLAH.

in the whole world no mosque play any record to spread azan, every mosque call azan with live human voice no records only real person so can you think it ? if you don't know about islam then learn first and don't think after seeing muslim cause real islam can be found after reading the holy Quran.

The messanger came and gave Quran but very few people try to learn and translate and understand it, so if you have chance ever to learn it, you will be happy to learn about what our creator says to the people of the world. you will be happy to get solution of any problem of your life.
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